Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail? 12 shocking reasons!

 Cats are interested in something

Have you ever requested your self “why does my cat slap me with his tail?” It’s a classic habit in cats. A tail slap signifies that your kitty is attempting to get your consideration, however, they do it for a lot of different causes as effectively.

Kitties are clever pets that have an interaction with their parents using physique language and indicators. You may know from the cat’s tail if your cat is completely happy, irritated, or unhappy.

Kitties will let their tails get your attention. A kitty might slap you using its tail as a result of its anxiety, lonesomeness, passion, fear, or hungry. It is a classic means for cats to speak, and this must be a very important thing.

Why does my cat slap me with his tail? Properly, there are some causes for this conduct.

Cats are interested in something

Kitties are identified for their being curious about something, and kitties must test every little thing out usually placing them in the way in which where we’re busy.

I am certain that you’ve got usually seen this conduct in your kitty when attempting to arrange sundry goods or fold garments. As a result of your cat liking to be within the middle of the motion, finishing easy duties around the home may be difficult.

If you happen to let your kitty away when you make those work which is to arrange sundry goods or fold garments, your cat could also be attempting to inform you that they want to join the work.

Once your cat lightly uses their tail around your leg, your cat does not wish you to make them go away.

Sign of Love 

Kitties, not like many different animals, such as canines, have an uncommon approach to exhibiting affection.

They’ll normally put up with petting just for a short while, and they don’t seem to be a big hugger. They are going to sit near to you and comply with you about the home if they are such as you, however, they may hold simply out of reach.

A cat will sit at your legs, lightly use its tail to slap you, and is almost certainly exhibiting you a show of feeling much like petting you. Copying your type of providing feeling is your kitty’s approach to claiming, “I love you.”

Your Cat is Worried

Your Cat is Worried

In case your cat slaps you and uses his tail around your legs as you stroll to a different room, it might point out that it’s worried and unable to relax.

In this case, tail slapping is just like hold on your hand. Your kitty is nervous and close to you.

Your cat does not wish you to choose it away as a result your cat could run away rapidly. Since your cat desires to close with you, your cat will hold on to you along with his tail for defense.

You possibly can go to the opposite room to get food or to reply to the cellphone, so the habits could seem uncommon to you, and your cat will be worried.

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Your Cat Get Mad

Tail slapping can be an indication of incursive habits in your kitty. Your kitty has only some methods to point out feelings and even little methods to specific anger.

If a kitty will not wish in playing or following one thing, its tail motion signifies that they’re annoyed.

A fast tail moving nearly all the time signifies that your cat feels unhappy.

One of many methods your cat reveals it is angry or unhappy is by turning irritated. Lots of kitties will hit objects off from cabinets, eating furnishings, and even give up litter coaching in favor of utilizing your mattress or love chair.

If you are you are sleeping your cat will use his tail to slap you in your face. It is additionally usual in your kitty. Also, your kitty might slap you in the face while you’re enjoying television.

The simplest way to keep away from these habits is to find out what’s unhappy with your cat and make it out.

Agree with your kitty a minimum of thirty minutes to settle down earlier than near once more. If the reason for the cat’s anger is that your kid was playing with your cat’s tail and this is making your cat angry, you should take away your kid from the other area to make your cat have a chance to relax.

Your Cat Needs Attention

Your Cat Needs Attention

It is difficult to disregard a cat that is using its tail consistently to slap you. Your cat is almost definitely attempting to gain your heed, particularly if it has beforehand labored. Cat’s tail slapping that it means your cat is trying for asking your petting and attention.

It Is Time To Feed

If a kitty is starving, it’ll generally stroll previous and move its tail madly. This motion signifies busying, as your kitty is attempting to inform you that it wishes to wait for its food for eating.

If you’re eating and your kitty desires a few of it, it might slap you together with its tail.

Take the right way in case you discover your cat turning into extraordinarily truculent around eating times. When you proceed to permit your kitty to behave out when starving, the behavior will be worse.

If your cat has misbehaved during eating time, we should not give some reward them.

Sign of dangerous

If you walk along the road, a cat is close to you and uses its tail to slap you.

Chances are you’ll be shocked to understand that this looks like a pleasant way is a warning signal of a close-by predator.

If you are in this situation when a cat slaps its tail. this is alerting you to be careful of a “bigger” cat or perhaps one thing extra harmful close by. In this scenario, this means signifies that a hazard exists or another danger is waiting for you.

The size of the cat’s tail and the cat’s tail moving speed in your leg informs rather a lot in regards to the cat’s dimension, exercise degree, and intentions.

If a big cat with a short tail, it means a leader cat is close to you, on the other hand, if a little cat with a big tail, it means it could a small cat near to you.

Your Cats Wish You Are Not Block Their Road.

Your Cats Wish You Are Not Block Their Road.

If a cat is moving their tail to your leg, it means to point out that you’re in your cat’s means and that they need you to go to another area.

When you stop your kitty from getting into a room, your kitty might use its tail to slap you to let you know that you’re blocking their road.


In case your cat is annoyed, it’ll stop you, and it will be using its tail in an action quickly. A fast tail moving is often a sign that your cat is sad and unhappy.

This may occur if you’re combing its fur and it’s prepared so that you can cease, or if you’re petting your cat, and it desires you to cease. A cat’s temper can change its mood rapidly, and you may inform by its tail.

Different indicators that your kitty is irritated with you? Look at your kitty’s ears to find out whether or not they’re the same fixed again and if they’re sitting in a stiff, inflexible place.

In the event you discover your kitty having in these actions, the most effective factor you are able to do is disregard your cat and transfer away. Performing talking sometimes to your kitty that there is no such thing as a risk or irritation current, ought to assist them to quiet down extra rapidly.

Have A Play Time With Your Cat

Whether it is one hour of the day when your kitty usually has numerous power, they could go to hit you using their tail to let you recognize its playing time.

Your kitty will do that within the morning or night, especially when your cat has finished dinner.

A cute cat will often discover a toy or something to find around and should even get the big finder and go in circles around your home. If you watch this, make your toys prepared and prepare to play along with your cat!



Your kitty’s tail could by chance move you sometimes. Kitties get pleasure from getting close to their pet parents and will continuously dart around beneath your toes when you are working or shifting around your own home. When your kitty is near your legs, it’s doable for your kitty to by chance bat its tail in your course.

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Your Cat Just Wants To Say Hi To You

People shake hands or embrace one other to say hello, but cats can do the same thing with their tails. Consider it a friendly greeting if your cat hits you and wraps his tail around your leg or arm. If your cat shows this behavior to you, this means your cat is happy to stay with you.

In conclusion

In conclusion

The above 12 reasons are why your kitten uses its tail to slap you, they do not hate you if they behave like this, but they are born with you, please cherish your time and get along well with your kitten.